• The Honored Founders
    Thank you for giving us a place to grow
    our neshamot!
    Here's to the next 25 years together.
    With much appreciation,
    Jason, Leanne, Matthew and Pace
  • Dedicated To All of our Founders
    Thank you for all you have done
    and all you continue to do to make
    Congregation Ariel the special and
    inspiring place that it is.
    Alyson and Gabe Lembeck
  • Dedicated to all of our founders,
    the Chairs of this event,
    the many volunteers now and always
    and, to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Friedman,
    TY for making this a great community!
    Elaine, Fred, Benjamin and Adam Brasch
  • Mazal Tov to Congregation Ariel
    and all Honorees on reaching this
    incredible Milestone.
    Catering for this event by
    Grillers Pride
    Yael & Peter Swerdlow
  • Louis z"l and Bunnie Taratoot
    And All of Congregation Ariel
    Mazel Tov on 25 Years!
    May we continue to grow and prosper with
    the help of Hashem.
    Esther, Jeff, Seth and Aaron
  • We deeply appreciate Ariel for getting us
    where we are in Yiddishkeit.
    Many thanks to
    Morah Dena & Rabbi Friedman,
    the honored founders & Ariel friends.
    Gershon and Chana Rudnick
  • Mazeltov R'Deutsch & All the Founders
    Thanks for creating our shul 25 years
    ago. Thanks to Ariel we built a Jewish
    home & raised our girls to marry nice
    Jewish boys. You changed our lives!
    Stephen & Junko Rivka Horvath
  • Yasher Koach to R’Deutsch & Founders
    Who 25 years ago had a say
    With R’Friedman and Morah Dena
    Who guided our Tzibur the Torah way
    May we merit the Moshiach in our day
    Ilene and Jonathan Miller & family
  • To our Founders & Leaders
    You saw what could be
    You imagined what should be
    You created what is
    For generations to see
    The Weissmann Family
  • Mazeltov to the Founders of Congregation
    Ariel. Thank you for your vision &
    Dedication. May you continue to grow
    from generation to generation.
    With much appreciation,
    Susan & Jay Rosenheck
  • Mazeltov to Murray Siegel & all the
    Founders for your vision and wisdom!
    Cara & Mark, Staci & Barry, Adrienne
    We love coming to shul with you Zaide!
    Selia, Judson, Isabel, Isaac & Sammy
    Remembering Iris Siegel & Jacob Ritz z"l
  • Dedicated To Our Honorees
    Thank you for starting this gem of a
    shul in Dunwoody
    May we grow from strength to strength
    Allan,Robyn,Ilan,Kelli & Shaun Regenbaum
    To all the incredible honorees
    who got this amazing Shul started!!
    And to Rabbi and Morah Dena who
    keep it growing, thriving and inspiring!
    Daniel and Rivka Freitag and Family
  • Yasher Koach to all our Founding Members
    We are in awe of your foresight in
    seeing what Ariel could become!
    Mazel Tov!
    Beth, Aaron, Rachel & Ben Valenta
    Mazal Tov to our Founders!
    Your support, dedication and
    commitment to Ariel is
    With gratitude and respect
    Danny & Melanie Frank & Family
  • To our Founders and Honorees,
    Yasher Koach on the first 25
    and to great success for
    Congregation Ariel's future.
    Mazel Tov!!!
    Neal, Sydne & Sol Cooper
    Mazeltov to Congregation Ariel
    and to all the Honorees
    Jeff and Carrla Goldstein
  • Menachem, your dedication to
    Klal Yisroel inspires and
    motivates us every day.
    Albert Miller
    Mazeltov R' Binyomin &
    Morah Dena Friedman and all
    honorees. " May you go from
    strength to strength"
    Brenda & Isaac Gozdzik,
    Tzeryl & Eli Ebrams & family
  • May we go from strength to
    STRENGTH! Diane & Bruce Barron
    Josh & Sunitha Barron,
    Ellie, Adam & Jonah Goldman
    Kara Barron, Selma Barron,
    Shirley & Sam Bluestein
    R' Deutsch & R'Friedman,
    25 years ago you achieved
    magnificent spiritual heights
    & brought us closer to Hashem!
    To 120 with great appreciation
    Alan & Sheila Bleich
  • Rabbi and Rebbetzin Deutch
    Everyone in this community is
    so indebted to both of you for
    the love you give us.
    The Herscovici Family
    R'Menachem and Dena Deutsch
    For their amazing
    klal and kiruv work
    With love and pride
    Your Nussbaum Aunts & Uncles
    In appreciation & gratitude to
    our Rabbis & Founding members
    Linda & Mitch Adler
    Linda & Mel Drukman
    Marsha & Dennis Yaschik
  • Thank you to our FoundersFor establishing Ariel!With GratitudeRandy and Cory Shaw
    MazalTov and best wishesto the Honorees! Larry Taylor USMCR(ret)
     Mazel Tov on 25 Great Years! From The Grant Family
    R' Menachem & Dena DeutschMazeltov! With love and pride your sister and brother-in-lawMordechai & Miriam Swiatycki
    Yasher Koach to Congregation ArielWe look forward to another successful 25 years.Marcia & William Lerner & family
    In honor of Congregation ArielAnd all of its visionary FoundersDeena Koniver
     Mazeltov!fromRon & Melissa Goodman
    Each and Every Founder and toRabbi and Morah Dena Grateful to call Dunwoody homeThe Pollock Family
  • We appreciate youJoey, Carla, Gina, Liat Hotz
    Thank you for your inspirationYoel and Chavie Spotts
    Kol Hakavod Cong. Ariel! Pearl & Steve Schaikewitz
    Mazeltov to our dear friends!Dan and Sheila Riegel
    Mazel Tov to all the founders!Bob, Susan, and Rina Sobel
    MazelTov Kim & Dan with LoveMyra, Robin & Danny
    Mazel Tov Friends! Jack & Pam Williams & Family
    Mazel Tov honorees and Ariel!Amy and Joey Raab
    MazalTov !!Len Katz
    Mazeltov Terry & Jan TenenbaumR' Daniel and Bluma Estreicher
    Yasher ko'ach to the founders!Michael and Chashy Alterman
    Mazal Tov!Seth Lynn
    Mazeltov to Kim and DannyThe Goldner Family
    Mazeltov Congregation Ariel!Sharon Fleitman & Eric Solomon
    A Blessing on Your Head Mazeltov! Lauren Fields
  • MazalTov !!Khona and Mina Vapne
  • Mazeltov R' Binyomin FriedmanRichard & Beth Gluck
  • Mazeltov!Lynda Walker & Len Levy
  • Mazel Tov Honorees!Lora Fruchtman
  • Mazeltov all for Ariel's 25thTsiporah Metzel
  • Aryeh and Keri Adler

    Avrohom & Sorah Larimer

    Yakov and Alla Spivak

    R' Avrohom & Malkie Horovitz

    Rabbi C. & Bracha Kosman

    The Jutan Family

    The Mainzer Family

    Renee and Steven Haas

    R. Michael & Elisheva Berger

    Jeffrey Prince

    Arlene Caplan Appelrouth

    Jeff and Beverley Segel

    Jan Blumenfeld

    Diane Frank Abramowitz

    Missy and Peter Rivner

    Larry and Elaine Benuck

    Jonathan and Shulamith Klein

    R' Mordechai & Naomi Cohen

    Jacqueline Hirsch

    Howard and Peggy Ginsburg

    Michael and Inna Strizhevsky

    Marcia Robkin

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